Passion Manila 2014

These are my non-official shots (from my seat) during Passion’s visit in Manila. For the whole details, visit my post here.

Passion MNL 2014_Fireflies

David Crowder_Passion MNL 2014

David Crowder_Passion MNL 2014_2

Kristian Stanfill_Passion MNL 2014

Kristian Stanfill_Passion MNL 2014_1

Passion MNL 2014_Band

Passion MNL 2014_Band1

Passion MNL 2014_Crowd1

Passion MNL 2014_Crowder Stanfill

Passion MNL 2014_Crowder Stanfill1

Louie Giglio_Passion MNL 2014

Passion MNL 2014_Whales

Passion MNL 2014 Stars1

Passion MNL 2014_Crowd


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